No.9 – Branden

“The challenge for people today (and it is not an easy one), is to maintain high personal standards even while feeling that one is living in a moral sewer.” - Nathaniel Branden An upbringing by those that endeavoured a great deal for their achievements, is naturally preconceived to be inherited by the children. A mirage… Continue reading No.9 – Branden


No.8 – Schopenhauer

"Man wolle nicht scheinen was man nicht ist."  ― Arthur Schopenhauer Every individual on this planet has thoughts that can never be verbalised. The unspoken shrouding of taboo or the risk of social suicide concomitant with spilling certain views. I encounter people that I would regard close and often find myself biting back what I… Continue reading No.8 – Schopenhauer

No.7 Nietzsche pt.2

“The thought of suicide is a great consolation: by means of it one gets through many a dark night.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche Nietzsche pt 1 Often progression is succeeded by rein station of the situation before. There's a significant difference between being suicidal in reality and the almost romanticised depiction in media (the virgin suicides… Continue reading No.7 Nietzsche pt.2


"That was our friendship: equal parts irritation and cooperation." - Ransom riggs I love our time, yet your actions make me doubt. I can tell it's somewhat mutual. It's funny when you really, truly discover what you mean to people. I know I'll eventually be replaced, we'll grow apart I assure you, it's in the… Continue reading No.5