NO. 3 Nietzsche


"That which does not kill us makes us stronger."

- Friedrich Nietzsche

These words are infamous to the point of cliché (which is coincidentally recurrent in these entries haha).

Invariably this quote has been uttered in some shape or form in the midst of a “motivational speech” or quite frankly a half assed attempt at appeasing the temper-mental side effect of someone’s panic attacks and meltdowns.

All in good faith of course!!!.

I should know I’ve been on the receiving end of that, one time too many.

I’m not so ignorant and self-centred to rebuke the fact that every single person has gone through their own share of tough times and sleepless nights. It would be stupidity to assume that you are the only one. It is for that reason that this quote would have been reassuring to a degree, had it not been subjected to mainstream fever where something is so overused that it loses any real meaning it ever had.

whilst Nietzsche’s “Selbstüberwindung” seems greatly ideal and chivalrous to oneself, the realistic acceptance of hardships might just be deemed as naivety for the modern day cosmopolitan youth.

After all why should I have to deal with bullshit when those around me (those with worse characters) seem to be handed the silver spoon of luck?

There is after all a balance between endurance and delusional optimism.

The Selbstüberwindung principle that stood out to me the most :

“Admitting envy” : There’s something weirdly bittersweet about seeing those around me move on. Sweetness, I’m happy, knowing their circumstances, knowing their ordeals and seeing joy take them over makes me happy, they deserve it.  Then comes that tabooed aspect…bitterness, there’s a limit to convincing yourself that good things are on their way and that being a “lone wolf” is cool. How many years do I continue doing this for? 1-2, 2-3, 4-5 years? well that quickly adds up to a whole fucking lifetime.

I would describe myself today closest to being a “realist”, others perhaps would describe me as a pessimist.

There’s reason for this, I’ve most often associated with people who’ve not been through what I have, as pretentious as it may sound, speaking as an outsider on a hypothetical event or giving advice to someone else facing something is far easier than dealing with the situation yourself. Whilst I’m often accused of failing to see the good side of situations, I’d really like to know how others would fare in my place…

It’s for this reason that I could never give my opinion on a deprived child, or an amputee, purely for the reason that I am not them and I will never understand how they feel. Empathy is just rose tinted glasses, relation is realistic comfort.

Whilst Nietzsche’s philosophical ideas were reassuring on the face value, I can’t help shake off the fact that he died discontent and perhaps due to judicious nature.



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